Wicca Rituals For Love

Wiccan rituals for love and Wiccan, in general, pertain to traditions that involve something in line with the craft of the wise; Something many people refer to as witchcraft.

The art that has survived ages and eons to come into modern times with the original power to bless anything that its magic touches.

Wicca love spells blend some purest love magic into unfathomable feelings of great passion that can overcome any other feeling.

The love spells cast in Wicca are sometimes mirrors of the white magic that has been advocated for in the magical society.

Though the two -black magic and white magic- do not clearly set up fine distinctions, they all agree on one thing and that is the beauty that lies in the magic that is done for the betterment of humanity.

Wicca presents a variety of love rituals and spells. Some have been used by different people who attest to their effectiveness while the power of others remains a mystery to all those who fear to engage some strongest magics that exist.

I always encourage spell casters to try magic at all levels, so that they can gain proficiency, not in only the familiar comfortable magic they know or easily associate with, but also with the complex love rituals and spells that exist.

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Due to the fact that Wicca bases most of its love magic on the mother moon, some spell casters find it hard to cast these spells because they fail to create the required lunar touch, which embellishes the love spells with moon magic. Other practitioners or spell casters find a difficult time when dealing with moon magic and below we shall see some reasons why;

Moon Wiccan  Love Rituals And Spells

Moon Wiccan love rituals and spells are those minor and major exercises that a spell cater or Wicca believer engages in during the moon phases.

The magical moon has majorly four phases and some of these rituals and spells are engaged in when these phases are in motion.

wicca rituals for love

The moon holds great symbolism in Wicca due to its constant association with and reference to the Mother goddess, who is sometimes called the Moon goddess.

The mother goddess is the spring of love, healing, blessings, fertility and many other life vitalities in Wicca. In some erotic or strong passion spells, she is assisted by the horned god who is also called the hunter god.

Most love rituals are held at night in the presence of the moon, such that, the power of the mother god falls on the spell caster and blesses him or her.

Love seeking spells, spells for attraction, reviving passion spells, love vitality spells, all these are involved in love rituals that are performed to request the Mother goddess’s interference in the lives of the Wicca believers.

In the performance of the love rituals and casting of love spells in Wicca, there are some crucial items that you must avail yourself of for a successful casting. Some of them are cleansed and consecrated items that the deities have put their blessings on, to be used by the believers, and whose use in any love spell would be an instant assurance of a successful casting. The items are shown below;

Some Items Required For Wiccan rituals for  Love

Moon water

A moon cloth

Nigh time

Item of your lover

A sacrifice

The items above are some most important ritual items required in the casting of any love spell and performance of any Wicca love ritual.

They are not the only items required, but they are the most important, which should be present at the Wicca altar of the Wicca deities, the moon goddess, and the horned god.

As we continue we shall look at each item independently and analyze its use and symbolism within the spell. We are also to get to know its effects on the flow of energy within the spell.

There are a number of other Wicca items but they all have a number of uses and are suited for the individual spells that they are used in.

The love rituals are extended versions of the love spell casting culture. Before it used to spell only, simple and precise, but due to change in the affairs of men and change in the needs of the different clients, it became necessary to turn some spell casting exercises into real-time rituals that s person can through step by step.

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The Importance Of Some Wiccan Love Ritual Items

The Moon Water

Some people confuse the idea within the moon water concept and take it as water that should have fallen from the moon (see; Tears Of The Moon).

This is nothing like that, moon water is simply fresh spring water that has been consecrated by leaving it under the eye of the moon at night, with some short powerful moon mantras for 7 and one days.

wicca rituals for love

This water is very important in the casting of love and healing Wicca spells and very effective in love rituals that take a 7-day universal journey.

The magic within the moon water eases the burden of patience for the night in order to cast a spell. The water substitutes, in most spells, for the presence of the moon.

In the case of luck magic, the moon water can be used as a charm, sometimes it can even be drunk, you can carry it in the search for a job, after the casting of a job seeking spell, and take a sip or smear in your palms before greeting the person who is to interview you.

The magic in the moon water helps to influence the decisions of the people in relation to the spell caster. Decisions that affect the life of the spell caster positively.

Moon water is an essential part of any spell as it adds the strength of the night and the light of the moon to the magical energies within the spell.

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The Moon Cloth

This is a ritual item mostly common with moon magic love spells. It is a red cloth dipped in moon water for 7 nights and consecrated with moon tears.

There are other traditions that use different cloths for different purposes but whenever you come across a red cloth in any Wicca ritual, just know that it is a moon love ritual being performed or a moon love spell being cast.

In some other uses of ritual cloths, we have protection spells and money spells. The cloths used in the protection spells are mostly brown, while those used in money spells are either green for money or blue for wealth.

Where the cloth is tied or worn during and after the ritual is entirely dependent on the kind of ritual being cast and we shall look at this under another topic, Color Clothes And Their Magical Meanings.

Not all cloths used are moon cloths; the moon cloth is only reserved for moon magic rituals and most especially love rituals and spells. You might come across an earth cloth in Wicca magic, this kind of cloth also has its uses and virtues as we shall see.

The Essence Of Night Time In Wiccan rituals for love

In most instances, there are things that can replace nighttime casting, like moon water, moon cloths, night herbs, among others.

wicca rituals for love

However, there is always a touch that nighttime adds on the effect that a spell has. There is constant magic that is released on the universe by forces that exceeds anything in strength and energy.

This power is released when all vibrating auras are calm and settled; when there is no energy interference from other sources.

Almost everything both spiritual and physical attains a certain kind of calmness that brings the vibrations of the energy in its aura into a low-level concentrated sort of bliss.

This usually happens during nighttime and it gives chance for the forces that guide the universe to roam on the breath of the otherworldly air in the universe.

The love spells and love rituals performed when the power of the universal forces is abroad (leaving other factors constant), have almost 99.9% chances of producing the desired results compared to the rituals and spells performed during the daytime.

This is why the power of the moon is always considered in the casting of spells because it holds the light that shines on the essence of the universal powers.

In addition to the above, love spells that involve the use of herbs are very effective if the herbs are picked and prepared during the nighttime.

This is because the plants do not engage in too much photosynthetic activity during the night due to the absence of the sun; the herbal vitality within the leaves and the plants are at their maximum due to the settled processes. When the plants are picked at around this time, their potency is at almost its peak.

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