Prevent Your Lover From Cheating Spell


Voodoo spell to prevent your lover from cheating

 Prevent your lover from the cheating spell is one of the strongest love spells that give instant results to stop your partner from cheating.

Voodoo is an all-around religious system that deals with almost all the problems of life apart from stopping death at its right time.

Most of the magic in voodoo tradition centers itself on growth and change from one state to another.

Any type of magic that does not facilitate change is no magic at all.

Sometimes illusions can appear as magic but the authenticity lies in the time span of every magical path created and the spell cast.

Voodoo love rituals and spells have proven to be infallible when it comes to longevity and effectiveness.

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Most voodoo affection magic is spiritual and this inhibits the flaw of a person acting contrary to what he or she pledged during the casting of a love spell.

For example, if you want to cast a spell to get a new lover, and you pledge to love the person regardless of their physiological setup;

you cant to go back on this vow even when the person the spell brings your way is not up to your liking.

This calls for exactness and clarity during the casting of any voodoo magical spells in order to avert the wrath of the voodoo spirits in the event of attempting to go back on your pledge.

The Voodoo Guiding Principles

Voodoo love spells exist in a lot of different ways as they come in a variety. There are love spells for young lovers,  couples in marriage, mature romantic relationships, bonds outside marriage, etc.

And these also are in a lot other different categories, like; love spells to catch a cheating lover, love spells to bring back the passion, love spells for breaking marriages, love spells for increasing sexual desire, love spells to rekindle love, love spells to attract love,  love spell to strengthen love bond, among others.

Here we are to look specifically at the voodoo spell to prevent your lover from cheating.

You can do this spell either on the physical level or spiritual level. It all depends on how you want the magic and the results to come out.

Prevent Your Lover From Cheating spell

Sometimes the spiritual level is more advocated because it leaves no evidence that there has been any form of spell casting.

This is more helpful if your partner is not aware of, or does not approve of your interaction with magical traditions.

The sole aim of this love spell is to ensure that your love keeps his/ her word and remains true to his or her oath or pledge of love to you, without his or her knowledge.

Some people view this as love manipulation since the spell caster does not seek the permission of the victim.

But who can really accept that he or she is a cheat and accepts to undergo control by magic?

Most of the time when you get your lover cheating, the immediate response is “I was tempted by the devil…..” Next thing you will be on your way to church and he or she will be happy because they know however much you pray, nothing can ever change them from there.

Voodoo brings the best solution to this cancer of adultery and broken commitments.

This is real-time magic that even your lover will not be aware of, but will just find him or herself developing a distaste for external love (passions outside your relationship).

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Prevent your Lover From Cheating spell

Voodoo practitioners foresaw the criticisms that develop due to the employment of manipulation magic and set some guiding principles for this love spell. These are;

The love spell works for only a working love relationship; this implies that, apart from cheating, the relationship must not be suffering from any other problems.

Complete and uttermost truth from the would-be spell caster on the real cause of the cheating of the other party in the relationship

True love from the would-be spell caster for the person on whom the spell is to be cast.

The voodoo spell to prevent your lover from cheating leaves the other person with command and consciousness of all his or her other faculties and tampers only with his desire for outside sex.

This love spell is not the spell for increasing love between two people but it is the beginning part of the ritual.

The spell does not in any way give control over the cheating partner to the spell caster.

The above precautions are necessary because some lovers make up stories of why their partners cheat and leave out the part of their own failings or shortcomings. In such a case, there is what voodoo practice calls the Truth Revealer.

This is a potable liquid that the spell caster takes before initiating the casting in order to prove that whatever they say is the truth in all aspects.

In addition, there are some lovers who, in their bid to blind their partners from other relationships or unions, tend to search for ways of gaining control over them.

When they are very sure that their lovers are now faithful to them, they use the chance and say or do whatever they please, thinking that now it is their time to revenge.

The thing about this spell is that the moment you engage in what you wanted the spell to avert, the magic or potency of the spell evaporates.

Why and When Does The Power Of The Love Spell Disappear?

The power of this love spell is not solely on the cheating partner, it depends on the spell caster.

The spell increases the vibrancy of your aura and lightens up your energies a thousandfold. This makes the wandering eyes of your lover to always find you more attractive every time he or she looks upon you.

This energy does not part from you whatsoever unless if you differ in the ways we have talked about above.

The desire of your lover for you is heightened with every passing glimpse because of the energized attraction forces that surround you all the time.

This is what prevents him or her from diverting his eyes to look for fresher fields in other directions. You are always fresher than all those outside your relationship.

I hope now you understand why you need to keep the magic pure and the spell vibrant.

The moment you contaminate it with cheating passions, that is when they divert from your lover and turn to the new person who now mesmerizes your love energies.

Your first lover will no longer be under your spell.

Do not let your relationship go to the rocks simply because your partner is not faithful and is having extra-marital affairs or other relationships outside your love bond.

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The Two Levels Of Voodoo Love Spells

We said that this love spell to stop a cheating lover is cast on two levels, that is; the physical level and the spiritual level. We shall look at both levels and we understand them before delving into the kind of spell that you may want to cast.

The Spiritual Level Love Spell

The love spells you are casting at this level are stronger than others mainly because they are in combination with the eternal force of the spirits.

They are otherworldly spells that are unbreakable and invite the fury of the spirits on whoever breaks their bonds.

This might explain why many people prefer to go with the other alternative due to fear of dealing with the repercussions of Pledge Breaking in the spiritual realm.

The spiritual level love spells at most times involve rituals more than actual physical interaction with herbs and spell casting items.

They involve more prayers and supplications. They involve cleansing and consecrating of the spell caster’s body and the drinking of different soul purifying drinks such that the person receives Soul Light from within to purify his or her external appearance.

The Physical Level Love Spell

This is the kind most employed by many voodoo magical practitioners. It involves more manual workers and does not deal with unseen forces (the spirits), though their contribution is not sidelined as they are always consulted, most especially during the truth revealing process.

This type involves the use of the lover’s (the cheating partner) personal item in combination with that of the spell caster such that their auras are joined in love and affection.

The physical level love spell requires revitalization every after seven days, in order to enflame the attractions of the spell caster and keep their lovers’ eyes locked on them

This love spell engages herbs that increase the sexual appeal of the spell caster and those that are used for bathing to clean the aura of the same.

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