Voodoo Spell For a Job And Business Protection

Voodoo Spell For a Job And Business Protection

Voodoo spell for a job and business protection is what you need to protect that job or business against any possible attack and loss.

Not only jobs and business voodoo spells can also protect your life and health

Have you ever considered the possibility that your lucrative job can at one time go from under your possession and fall into the hands of another person?

What do you do when you find yourself in such a situation of losing your job?

Many people have struggled hard to get that job, or to start that business but do you know why they have failed! It is simply because they do not have your courage and your genius to do what it takes.

Their hopes have been crushed because you are now already in that coveted position, and there is nothing as dangerous as losing hope.

It turns a person desperate and he or she will be willing to sacrifice anything to regain the lost hope since they have nothing to lose.

They will do anything including turning you into a zombie if that is what will enable them to take your position.

In fact, some people whose minds are in a twist will not like your success that they might just want to see you back in the gutters.

Ask yourself then; what are you willing to sacrifice for protection from the fury of the desperate and the hopeless?

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Recall how you struggled to get that job? Remember your financial state before that job?

Recall how they used to laugh at you and say that you will never take a step towards a good life? Do you really want to go back to relive those experiences?

If your answer is “No”, then you are welcome to avail yourself of one of the strong magic known to safeguard life, prosperity, wealth, families, marriages e.t.c

We have one of the strongest spells that we know and that is the voodoo spell for a job or business protection that defends against magical attacks on businesses and jobs.

Dr. Jawara provides you with Voodoo spells infused with enough ancestral and spiritual magic to make sure that you are never hexed and to safeguard your job from evil magical attacks.

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The Need For Protection

Why you Need To Surround Yourself And Your Job Or Business With This Voodoo Magical Spell For Protection.

Voodoo Spell For a Job

Someone has been showing interest in your job as of late.

Your job is so competitive; you feel your future at the job is at stake.

It took you a long time and a lot of struggles to get the job.

This was specifically your dream job.

you plan for getting another job are not yet in sight.

you have recently started feeling negative waves directed your way.

These may be in form of disapproving looks from friends, discouraging remarks, isolation from partners, among others.

Someone has just opened up the exact type of business like yours, just next to or opposite yours.

All those above and more are signs that some bad news for your job or business is in the offing and you should take precautions before some person decides to make life complicated for you.

Voodoo Job protection spells come in a variety:

We use the spell to help them gain favor and remove the risk of ever being loosing a job.

The protection spell for those who are self-employed; to secure them by putting a magical ward or barrier around their workplaces.

The spell to remove black magic or hexes cast on your job or workplace by jealous co-workers or your enemies.

What you Need To Know About Job Protection Spells

They require sacrifices.

They require repeated simple rituals to follow now and then; for example after every one month.

You perform them at night.

Some of them involve actual ritual performances at the workplace; in the case of the self-employed.

The protection spells also involve some rituals for personal protection.

Important Things To Note about the voodoo protection spell for a job or bussiness

Fasting for three days is required before you start the spell.

Consecrate all the new items that are to be used in the casting; like the dolls.

Invoking the loa or voodoo spiritual elements is an important aspect of the spell. Don’t start the spell without calling upon the spirits to guide you.

This is an individual casting. It is performed by only one person who is seeking to protect his or her job.

The ritual opens with opening a magical circle and ends with closing the circle.

Everything involved is done within the circle.

What you Need For The Casting Of The Spell

Voodoo Spell For a Job

Palm oil

A ritual knife with a black handle

One white spotless young goat and one white dove.

Your appointment letter in case of official jobs; otherwise, any item from your workplace will do.

A deck of Tarot cards. (The protection cards usually depict the image of a nude virgin with a red scarf, inside a flower stria of different colors).

A consecrated wooden image to be dedicated as a spirit holder.

Some paper money bills for sacrificing and also symbolizes the fruits from the job, hence why you need to protect it.

Voodoo Ritual powder and white salt.

White robe and white belt.

Procedure Of Casting The Spell For Job And Business Protection

The ritual is performed outside at night when the moon is full.

you should have been fasting for three days while engaging the loa every evening with the setting of the sun:

you do this by reciting the chants of anyone Voodoo spirits. They are simple recitations, you can always contact Dr. Jawara for a guide in the chants to invoke the most strong loa.

Take a bath before you start and adorn your white robe.

Tie the Voodoo ritual belt around the robe, above the hipbone.

Make sure you have consecrated all the new items to be used in the ritual, if not: then do the following to consecrate the items;

Make a small circle.

Divide the circle into four parts.

Place each item in a single square of the circle.

Get some salt and mix with voodoo ritual powder (Nzu powder).

The salt rids the items of prior possession in case they had been previously used in any rituals: The powder readies the items to carry the essence of the spirits.

Mix the mixture with water.

Spray the mixture on all the items that you are consecrating and invoke the loa to bless the items and use them as they please.

After consecrating the items, use the ritual knife to make a bigger circle with enough casting space, on the ground.

Using the salt and ash, make two different circles inside the first circle; one of salt and the inner one of the Nzu powder.

Remove the head of the dove and sprinkle its blood around the circles both outside and inside.

Get the consecrated wooden image or spirit holder and place it directly in the position of the moon.

Place the tarot card for protection in front of the spirit holder.

Lay your appointment letter or any other item from your business or job before the spirit holder.

Call upon the spirits

“Possessors of souls, you who know what was, is, and is to be, masters of fate, guide me in this moon hour. Behold my efforts and bless them.

Be one with me in my endeavors and guard me and mine against those of malice.”

Remember the magic works on the auras emitted by the item and your sincerity in the incantations.

Spread the money bills inside the circle.

Slaughter the young goat and spray the blood all over the money in the circle.

Invoke the acknowledgment and appreciation of the spirits for your sacrifice;

“Possessors of souls, you who know what was, is, and is to be, masters of fate, be with me in this moon hour.

Behold my offering and bless it. May the blood strengthen your purpose and cleanse my efforts of ill-will.”

Remember the sacrifice can involve two doves, but this is exceptional if you can afford an animal.

Get the tarot card and keep it. you will carry it to work for the next seven days.

Collect the bills and everything used in the circle.

Kneel inside the circle and thank the spirits in your own words of appreciation stemming from your heart.

Using the ritual knife, cut two crossing lines inside the circle.

This is the closure of the circle and the end of the casting.

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