Voodoo Sacred Items And What They Do

The Common voodoo sacred  Items Used In Voodoo Religion

Here is the list of the voodoo sacred items and what they do.

In every religion, there exist tools and items that we use in the daily practice of the voodoo religion as well as rituals.

These tools may sometimes be living things and at other times can be non-living things.

A cow represents a deity among the Hinduists while an effigy of Mother Mary retains the same holiness as the rosary for the Catholics.

The reverence accorded to all these things differs depending on what they represent and symbolize in regard to the abstract entities they naturalize.

In essence, the belief in these items stems from their inverted artificial state to an animated state that commands obedience from the followers, in the absence of which, the consequences are estimated at a tremendous level.

It is with this regard that we delve into the depths of Voodoo religion or tradition and tries to pick out the most sacred items and tools that voodoo priests.

And followers use in daily life performing rituals in spell casting.

You can also get in touch with me here so as we can talk more about voodoo sacred items and voodoo magic plus what it is capable of doing for you.

You should note that like in all other belief systems, Voodoo holds these items in the highest regard and any mishandling or misuse of an item is a sin of great consequence.

Whose penance is by a sacrifice of a sizable offer and the casting of a number of spells to appease the spirits and for protection against their anger respectively

To an unbeliever, the items might seem weird and unrealistic, but to a true Voodoo worshiper, the items hold significance that goes beyond human understanding.

You can always commune with us to understand the symbolic nature of any item you want to use in any Voodoo ritual.

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The doctor helps you understand the implications of using a tool such that you start rituals with the knowledge of all the things you are to use, at your fingertips.

Important Things to Note about the Voodoo Sacred  Items

Voodoo Sacred Items

These are some important things you need to know about Voodoo sacred items and tools before you use them in any ritual.

⦁ They are sacred.

⦁ Some are used by priests only while some are for the worshipers.

⦁ The items are augmented with spiritual power and force that directs energies in rituals.

⦁ A few items are used in “Left-Hand Magic” while others are for “Right-Hand Magic”

⦁ Most of the items are left and found at the altar.

⦁ The items used in spell casting are owned individually and it is your responsibility to keep them pristine and always readily available for use.

⦁ A Voodoo ritual item can be consecrated and blessed by a Voodoo priest known as Houngan.

⦁ Some items are symbols of authority.

⦁ Most items are made from naturally available raw materials, like the rattle.

⦁ Every item you use in rituals must first be consecrated.

The Voodoo Ritual Items and What We  Use Them  For

We then take a look at each individual item and understand what it represents and symbolizes according to Voodoo tradition;

  • The Rattle:

Also, known as the Ascon.

⦁ The rattle is a symbol of authority by the welder in the spiritual realm.

⦁ It is manufactured from the gourd skirted by a loose connection of beads in a web format, vertebrae of a snake enjoined by a small bell.

⦁ The main use of this tool or item is to obligate the spirits to work with and on behalf of a person.

⦁ It is a symbol of authority whose use does not limit itself to the Voodoo high priests known as the Houngan and Mambo.

  1. Ritual Powder:

⦁ In Voodoo religious ceremonies or rituals, the believers always grace their bodies with a variety of substances.

⦁ These substances range from oil, tiro, nzu powder, perfumes, lalle, etc.

⦁ The major use of these items is to clear the atmosphere and make the worship or ritual area habitable by spirits.

However,  we  can use powder  to;

⦁ Cast magical circles

⦁ Give flavor to incense

⦁ To cure ailments in case of the sick

⦁ Protection in case of hexes

⦁ Etc.

  • A Ritual Knife

⦁ Mainly used by Voodoo priests for peaceful purposes, though its building symbolizes violence.

⦁ During rituals,  the knife draws the magic inside the circle in which we perform the rituals and cast spells.

⦁ It also cuts big pieces of wood into small different pieces.

⦁ There exists the Athame with a black handle which the priest or priestess uses during the slaughtering of sacrifices.

⦁ The knives are always consecrated or blessed with the blessing of the ritual spirits before they are used in the offering of sacrifices or in any other rituals.


  • The Voodoo Dolls

⦁ They mostly are depictions of living people.

⦁ If you are looking for an effectively powerful Voodoo doll, then you will have to make it yourself, because, these dolls represent your inner imaginations and representations of the surrounding people.

⦁ The making of a Voodoo doll aims at conserving the vibrations and life energies of the persons they represent.

⦁ We build the inside of the doll with the aid of bread dough, butter, wax, and balsamic herbs. Onto this can then we fix pieces of hair and skin and nails, etc.

⦁ You can always anoint a doll with personal items. The clothing used serves to cover the doll.

⦁ The uses of dolls vary depending on the spells you  cast,  such as  for;

⦁ Healing.

⦁ Reflection of evil.

⦁ Protection.

⦁ Hexing.

⦁ Love spells.

⦁ Revenge

⦁ Among many others……..

  • The Voodoo Ritual Mirror(s)

⦁ Not so unlike black magic, Voodoo also employs mirrors in;

⦁ Divination.

⦁ Scrying.

⦁ Reflecting negative energies

⦁ Revenge spells; in an effective Voodoo spell for revenge, mirrors assist to display the image of the person before casting a spell on them.

⦁ Mirrors are ordinary common mirrors that we can obtain from shops and then consecrate them for ritual purposes.

  • The Ritual Clothing

⦁We make ritual clothing majorly from silk. This is mainly due to the insulating properties of silk.

⦁ The materials are always white but if you are in need of a different color, you can still improvise.

We use white because it represents purity both in the spiritual and physical or bodily realm.

⦁ In addition, you are free to design your gown according to your taste.

⦁ The main functions of clothing are;

⦁ To protect the priest from external influences while in the spiritual realm.

⦁ Protecting the spiritual and the physical body.

⦁ Symbolize purity of the Voodoo religion.

⦁ Long gowns that bring out the morality of the religion.

  • The Ritual Head Cover

⦁ This can be a headband, a scarf, a hat, or also a veil.

⦁ It is mainly to give protection to the priest or priestess against outside interference in form of thoughts.

This enhances the priest’s concentration in the performance of the ritual at hand.

⦁ In addition, it protects against invading, uninvited spiritual beings which may interfere with ritual performance (mostly initiations).

⦁ The headcover is not only for the priest but is a compulsory tool in every ritual.

  • The Voodoo Trident

⦁ A three-pronged fork for the invocation of spirits and the direction of magical energies.

⦁ Each of the three tines of the fork represents a single level on all three planes of mind (energetic), body (material) and soul (spiritual).

⦁ We use it mainly during contact with evil spirits.

⦁ We also use it as a magical antenna due to its strong magical and physical abilities.

  • The Ritual Belt

⦁ It is the role of the houngan to make this girdle.

⦁ Its outside decorations consist of magical symbols, runes, figurines and astrological signs.

⦁ The most crucial thing to note is that the color of the belt should always match the color of the gown or garment adorned.

⦁ We can make the  girdle  out of leather or silk; though leather is a repellent of some spirits.

  • Voodoo Staff

⦁ This is another one of the most important and strongest tools in Voodoo tradition.

⦁ The shape is obviously in bamboo stick-form, but the materials we use to design it and the accessories that go with it are entirely dependent on the needs of the priest . And they may change in regard to the ritual you want to perform.

⦁ Before you use the staff in a ritual, first take it outside and bury it 3 feet deep in the ground.

This is the consecration of the staff in a bid for it to acquire the blessing of Mother Earth.

⦁ You can design with feathers at its top, embeded with cowries, arrayed with ragged material, and a skull of an animal can always top it.

You can use it to ;

⦁ Transfer of energies in a casting.

⦁ Trapping of spirits.

⦁ Anointing initiates, this is a tap on both shoulders by the priest with the staff.

The last item here which comes in handy, depending on whether the spell caster needs it or not, is the Needles. We shall look at their use in the next article.

Contact  Dr. Jawara on +256760557198 or WhatsApp him on +256788964046 Or email to info@spiritualwisper.com

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