Financial independence is something hard to come by in a world occupied by both literal and figurative thieves. Everybody is rushing to either bypass or to break you when it comes to the financial highway. In such a situation, what do you need? Who will you cry out to or for? Is there someone really listening if you even at all decide to cry?

Yes! I am listening. You may not have been aware that I even exist, but therein lies the magic. Just when everything you knew, everybody you trusted, every turn you took, all those turned out to be false, hypocritical and endless, that is when the magic appears; when you least expected.

This is the source of all true money magic that rotates around the world, in the very heartbeat of the land. Magic and spells that have seen success at the hands of all the rich people around you. The secret to their wealth and their ability to maintain their well-earned wealth despite the roving and ravaging eyes of the world.

The financial spells know no limit; they cross boundaries and come to your assistance fresh from the forge of the great spell caster Dr. Lukman, whose seat is placed between the wrath of a lion and the agility and peace of a dolphin. Such potency is never outmatched and if ever unrivaled, ready to stand up to the challenge.

Dr. Lukman deals in magic sworn in potency and unmatched vitality. The magic descending from five generations of spell casters of great renown. The strength and vitality of vital magic, coursing through the cold and warm blood of energy. Energies fired up by the trust that i have in the fulfilling nature of the money magic laid bare in stone, water, air, and the soul.

When you believe in the magic, the spells move to the beat and flow of your trust. It gives the spells and magical rituals potency of unknown dimensions. The spells traverse far beyond mortal world and receive blessings from the powers that be. Forces that only magical minds can comprehend.

Don break under the weight of financial incapacity. There is so much that the universe is willing to offer. It lies in your every breath; it moves under your feet at every turn and stand. It moves on your tongue like sweet water on a hot day; it waits for you when you go to sleep and moves with you out of your house when you go off on the hunt for money.

That is the luck to attract money. This was born with you, nobody can give. What you get from here is awareness of its existence and the chance to open it and interact with it. You are free to make it do for you what you desire because, it was given to you and it is yours to command, and as a master, it is obliged to not only obey you, but serve you, so that it can be served.

The Spell Procedures

Procedure 1

Prepare a mixture of fresh crushed olive foliage in a ritual goblet. The liquid that oozes out of the leaves is mixed with fat from the liver of the witching lizard. Do not wait for the sun to run its midday course before you have finished the mixing of the items said. Take a ritual knife and use it to make a short hole in the middle of your compound or right in front of your walkway from the house. Get a one dollar bill or any other type of currency and place it face upwards in the hole you have dug. Get your mixture of leaf liquid and lizard fat and pour them in an airtight container; write your full name on a piece of paper and write down your wish on the piece of paper. Place it in the container with the leaf liquid and the lizard fat. Close the container and bury it in the hole on top of the dollar bill that you placed in the hole first. Cover the hole using your hands. Do not place your foot anywhere on the soil that you used to cover the hole. Do all this at night when the moon is full.

Procedure 2

The second procedure if you find yourself uncomfortable with the first one is here;

Collect five hairs from the eyelids of a kitten; these represent the nine souls of the cat species. Take a piece of paper and write your full names on it and what you desire the spell to do for you; enclose these lashes of hair inside. Use wax from a green candle to seal the paper containing the hairs. Take a green candle and light it from a room that has no window; burn the ends of the paper containing the eyelashes and dip the scorched parts in water. Take a dollar bill or any other paper currency and dip it in moon water; place the paper containing the eyelashes inside the dollar bill; fold the dollar and seal the ends with wax from a green candle. Get folded dollar bill outside in the dead of the night and bury it under an evergreen tree. Use your hands in the burial process because the spell must be filled with your essence and aura; yours is the magical touch. Make sure you are not seen by anyone while putting the items underground. This spell is performed or cast at night; there may be a full moon or it might be absent. Here the energy of the spell is in the nine seeking spirits of the feline in communion with your soul. With the energy of the ten souls moving in time with the vibrations of the earth, fire, air, and water elements, the chances of you becoming richer in 7 days stand at 100% and the likeliness of generational wealth is immeasurable.

About The Money Spells

The money spells are extensions of a far greater magic that tries to better our daily lives if we look closely and open up to it. The guiding magic is the essence and abode of all true form energy; guided by the soul and the four power elements. The spells are not tethered by their reliance on any kind of magic, but they are given freedom and effective strength by the will and conviction of the spell caster. When you truly open up to the magic, it will flow through you like a life giving stream of endless water.

Most spell magic is liable to misinterpretation if guidance in spell casting is not sought before going on with the spell casting procedures. A simple look at the two spells above will guide you in the true symbolism behind every item and ritual in their casting

In spell 1 we have leaf liquid from the Olive foliage; this stands in for abundance, wealth like the leaves; the liquid is the energy sap of the olive tree which, in magic, symbolizes prosperity and eternal flow of wealth. The olive herb is used in the casting of prosperity spells.

The witching lizard is always black in nature with thin strips of blue and brown running underneath its belly. This is the lizard used in most money spells (you are required to have access to many of these for effective spell casting). This lizard is one of many used in the casting of a number of spells e.g. protection spells, revenge spells, bad energy spells, among others. The blue and brown colors underneath the lizard are the colors that symbolize wealth and a prosperous life. Sometimes the color blue stands in for nobility, and there exists no nobility without wealth.

Burying the contents in the earth in the first spell helps to call out to the blessing and rich generosity of Mother Earth, to imbue the spell with enough energy to bring the spell caster unending wealth. In this spell the concentration is put mainly on the earth element (from the olive foliage to the dust of the earth)because, in most money traditions, the abundance stems from the earth; it is considered the source of everything and its undying generosity even when humanity tortures it, is a hallmark of all successful money spells. Most effective wealth and prosperity magic features the Earth element.

When you grasp the magical flow in the spell 1, then spell 2 somehow becomes easier to understand and therefore cast. The earth features in spell 2 as in spell 1. The color green of the candle and the wax is mostly used in connection with luck spells, and in almost all money spells, the presence of luck magic is crucial. That is why in spell 1 we use green olive foliage at the beginning; it is the foundation of all money magic and success in life.

Some things that were hidden are hidden for a reason; contact me and we open those locked doors.

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