A lot of business entrepreneurs fail to understand that you can use spells to attract new customers and make your businesses grow within a shorter period of time.

That’s why they fail to expand and grow their customer base due to a lack of clients or customers to purchase the items and services provided by the business organization.

While some businesses enjoy excess profits and immense returns due to a huge customer base, there exist those firms which lag behind on a daily basis and struggle not to be declared bankrupt each passing month, due to the absence of customers.

The spells to attract new customers contained here are the magic that works on different levels to clean your aura, to positively energize the atmosphere around you, and give your halo a radiance that pulls customers.

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In magical rituals, these spells fall under Money Spells, as they are aimed at strengthening the money pull towards you.

A business with a good head-start is wanton to develop faster than one with a poor background. Ensure that you attract customers on the eve of your business.

It will be easy to maintain the customers at a later time, then waiting for things to get worse and then you start rushing to employ different tactics which may prove fruitless.

The business spells help you to set off with a positive outlook towards business. They encourage you to go on even when you feel like the road is tough, hard, and weather-beaten.

Nothing demoralizes as opening up for shop in the morning and you do not attract even a single client till closing time. Get rid of this negative disturbance by using these business spells.

As the customers increase, the cash in-flow also increases and this will enable you to keep in business.

spell to attract customers

Trust us and let us help you and guide you in your financial problems. We offer magical solutions as we guide you in the performance of several rituals online.

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What You Need To Know About Business Spells To Attract  new customers 

They are Money Spells from different traditions. You can order for them in Wicca, Voodoo, Egyptian, White magic, etc.

They are performed as many times as you wish your business to be successful.

The sacrifices involved increase as the business grows and expands.

They transfuse magic in starting businesses and in ongoing businesses.

The rituals involved are simple and sometimes the magic within the spell takes effect within a short time.

The items used in the rituals always symbolize money or wealth and attraction and are easy to access.

spell to attract customers

In the case of a sole proprietorship, you will need to perform the rituals alone and in secret.

For you who work online, contact us to help you with verbal Egyptian recitations that will put a blessing on every web page you create.

Last but not least, these spells and rituals are not only good for business but also improve your life standards. You should always note that when the deities bless your business and give you prosperity, you ought to change your life positively too. Do not be an economizer when you have enough to spend; you should always show appreciation to the powers that serve your will.

How to Make  Business Spells For new customers  More Effective

Perform the rituals at the location of your business or business premises.

Wait for the full moon to cast the spells. If this fails, always utilize “Moon Water”, visit http://www.strongafricanspells.com for directions on how to make “Moon Water”

Do not relax after a one-time casting; always perform the rituals in your free time from a load of customers.

You can also employ some sales promotion techniques to motivate your customers and increase your goodwill in the business. When you become generous, spells of the White Magic origin gain power from this good nature and continue to cleanse your aura and attract to you more clients.

In this article, we shall go through 3 powerful magical rituals step by step to help you attract customers to your business and make you more money.

Perform These “Rituals to Attract Customers” to Bless Your Business and Attract Customers

These rituals and spells will help your business to attract customers and make you a strong stakeholder in the market. Cast these spells for a new business or an ongoing one that needs a customer boost.

The spells are demonstrated below;


You can call it the “Customer Incense Spell”

This ritual is performed during the wee hours of Tuesdays or Fridays

The Items Required

Orange juice, Salt, some incense, a glass jar.

Procedures to follow:

Put some coals of fire on the incense 10 minutes before you start the actual ritual.

Place the orange juice in the glass container, pour some little salt in the orange juice and then recite the following incantation;

“Spirits that inhabit nature,

Know my wishes and grant me fortune and good luck in all my endeavors

Increase my customers by a thousand-fold

So that (put your real name) can fill the benefits of financial prosperity.

Let it be as you wish”

When you are done with the incantation, get the orange juice and sprinkle it in the various corners of your business premises.


It is also called the “Blue Bee Spell”

You will perform this ritual in the phase of the New Moon, before the Full Moon. You can also carry it out a day before the full moon and repeat it in after.

The Items You Will Need

A quill pen made from the feathers of a blue parrot.

A blue-ribbon

Personal Business card

Silver coins surrounded with gold foil

A lidded bottle or jar


A picture or photograph of a male worker bee, in case you can work with a live bee, then it is much better.

The Procedures to Be Followed;

Prick the live bee anywhere on its body and spread the liquid on the back face of your business card.

Fold the card in two and use the blue ribbon

Open the bottle and place the folded card in the jar

Place the silver coin into the jar and fill the jar with honey.

Cover the jar with a firm lid and put it in some dark and cold place, probably a freezer or anywhere else.

Retreat to some secret place and meditate on what you want the magic to do for you. Think about your desires and have faith that the spell will do for you whatever you wish for.


It is known as “The Lucky Coin Spell” or “The Mojo Bag Spell”

The Items Required

A new silver coin.

Common salt.

One yellow candle

A round table that symbolizes the universe plus a white tablecloth.

A bag made out of white cloth

A plain sheet of white paper.

Blue ink quill pen.

A round glass cup with a very smooth surface.

Fresh spring water

The Procedures to Be Followed

Inscribe out your real name in full on the white paper using the blue ink quill pen. (Write all your names)

Put the table in a good place and spread the white tablecloth on top of the table.

Light the candle and put it on a plastic saucer, and place the saucer at the center of the table on the white cloth.

Insert your coin in the round-bottomed glass cup

Pour some salt into the glass.

Fill the glass halfway with the fresh spring water.

Imagine the number of customers you want to attract to your business and say the following words;

“With the salt blessing on the silver coin,

In the same breath, I call upon its magical properties

To help me multiply my customers.”

After the recitation, take the glass out in the open and put it anywhere with open air for one and a half days.

Light the candle the following day, remove the coin from the glass cup and place it (the coin) in your cloth bag.

With the bag between your palms, say this invocation;

“O spirits that reign supreme.

This prayer flees my lips to you.

To open up paths unseen for my business,

Multiply my customers and show benevolence to my business

Be it as you wish”

Keep the bag in a safe place and wait till the spell takes effect.

You can perform the ritual any day you wish to increase the number of customers or clients who visit your business.

If you are a novice spell-caster, you may require the advice and expertise of experienced spell-casters.

There are a few trusted online sites that can cast for you a spell that you will trust to do exactly what it is meant for.

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Contact  Dr. Jawara on +256788964046 or WhatsApp him on +256788964046 Or email to info@spiritualwisper.com

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