Now, where shall we start! Because everything in your life needs spells for blessings; it needs that magical touch and feel, to make it do more than what it is really doing right now.

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Consecrating something is not the idea you had in mind, but have you considered the possibility that some item in your home or something in your life might be the source of the chaos you are going through right now?

A spell to bless your house, your car, your marriage, and many other things, is the simplest and effective time-saving procedure you will ever encounter that guarantees the security, profitability, and infallibility of your assets and other things you value in your life

These spells have been collected from different traditions like Wicca, Voodoo, Egyptian and White Magic.

Black magic spells for blessings have been excluded because people have always associated the results of black magic with evil.

It is not always a guarantee that black magic is responsible for all evil occurrences; however, for blessings let us consider the other kinds of magic

Spells for blessings are always concentrated on the interaction between the four elements.

The connection that exists between the spell caster, the item to be sanctified, and the forces in the elements is of great importance to the effectiveness of the spell.

In Voodoo especially, Blessing Spells are more respected and revered. This is because of the strong belief in the animate nature of all things living and non-living.

Voodooism believes that all things have a spirit and therefore the roles they play in our lives are immense, therefore they need to be blessed for their positive effecting on our lives.

Wicca and White Magic Spells for Blessing are not so different since they all almost use identical ritual procedures and utilize the same tools in their practice.

In the spells detailed below, you will note the slight differences in rituals and items, but still, the deities and the forces of nature called upon will almost be the same; for example, the four elements, the moon, the sun, among others.

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What to Remember About Spells For  Blessings in General

⦁ They are done more than once. They are not a one-time thing. You have to make them part of your daily life.

⦁ They are like prayers; you can do them anytime, any day and anywhere.

⦁ The spells should be cast in the presence of the item to be consecrated or blessed or consecrated.

⦁ Most of the spells depend more on the forces in nature than on deities.

⦁ Do not give your item out to anybody to cast a Blessing Spell on it, on your behalf. The spell connects your essence to the item and the blessing stands strong on your words of fervent prayer. Your identity with the item gives the spell more force than any spell caster’s magic can give it.

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Some Blessing Spells That You Will Meet Here;

⦁ Children Blessing

⦁ House Blessing Rituals

⦁ Spells To Cast When Blessing A New Car

⦁ Spells To Bless Your Business

⦁ Spells To Bless Your Family

⦁ Bless Your Grimoire Spells

⦁ Spells To Bless Your Career Or Job

⦁ Journey Blessing Spells (Mostly Egyptian Magic)

For our first spell, you will perform this ritual to bless your house. It is a spell that involves the four nature forces, that is; earth, fire, air, and water.

The Elemental House spell for blessings 

In performing the ritual to cast this spell, you will invoke the powerful four elements to come and pour blessings on your home. You will need the following:

⦁ Red wine or juice

⦁ A small size Chalice (we looked at this in Tools In Wicca)

⦁ Five candles of red color, yellow color, blue color, purple color, and green color.

⦁ A lighter

⦁ 20kgs of pure white rice; (rice is used because it is a symbol of abundance, and what you need right now is an overflow of blessings).


⦁ Find the central point of your house. If the house was built on levels that exceed one, you can select one point but your persistence in repeating the spell will be required at each level.

⦁ Using the rice, make the symbol of a pentagram on the floor in the center of the room

⦁ Place a candle in each triangle formed by the pentagram. This is your Wicca pentacle.

⦁ Stand in the middle or center point of the pentacle

⦁ Light the candles starting with the purple candle and ending with the green candle.

⦁ Take some red wine and pour it into the chalice.

⦁ Take a sip of the wine, do not swallow just yet,

⦁ Face the West, probably the direction of your lighted yellow candle, swallow and say;

“Spirit of Air and benevolent power and universal blessings,

Breathe love and life into this our house;

Fill the aura with goodness.

Through you and in you, I bless this house.”

⦁ Turn to the North-East (probably the direction of your lighted red candle), take a sip of the wine, swallow and say;

“Strong spirit of the flames and living plus all blessings

Warm this home with peace and comfort

Rekindle its hearth and let the fires of wealth soar

Through you and in you, this house is blessed”

⦁ Turn to the East (probably the direction of your blue candle) take a sip of the wine, swallow and say;

“Spirit of Water and time and all blessings,

Let every day pass sweetly in this house

Draw pure its tides,

Waves of happiness as the moons go by.

Through you and in you, this home is blessed.”

⦁ Face the South-West (probably the direction of your green candle), take a sip of your wine, swallow and say;

“Spirit of Earth, firmness and all blessings,

Lay foundations of harmony and unity for this home,

Embed security within these boundaries;

Strengthen its defenses

Through you and in you, I bless this house.”

⦁ Turn to the North (probably the color of the lighted purple candle), take a sip of the wine and say;

“Spirit of my soul and all knowledge and strength,

Lead for me the way to follow.

Light the right for me if am ever to err.

For I desire to be blessed and to live and to rest,

With you and in you, my home is blessed”

⦁ Repeat the words, turning to all five points once more, the swallow the rest of the wine.

⦁ Your home and house are blessed.

You have probably noted that this spell has a lot of verbal locution compared to actions; this is a trait of most Egyptian magic which has been effectively applied to most White Magic spells and has proved to be worth it.

Things to Note in the  spells for Blessings  Above;

⦁ Follow the direction changes as shown.

⦁ Use a strong pleading and commanding tone. This ensures that the forces willingly serve your wishes without taking offense.

⦁ Make your will be felt in the spell.

⦁ All recitations are performed while standing.

⦁ If you have better words to replace some words; words that bring out more clearly what you want to be done in blessing your home, then use those words.

⦁ At the end of the spell, touch the wicks of the candles with your fingers, as you put them out. Do not use your breath to puff the candles, this will interfere with and disperse the magical aura that has been created.

⦁ Make a path with your hands at the base of the pentagram where you pass as you leave the casting area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⦁ Where do I get the colored candles?

You can always buy the colored candles at any shop. But don’t despair if you fail to get colored candles, you can always use white candles

1. Can I use this spell to bless another person’s home?

The force of the spell lies in the individual’s connection to the item being blessed or cast the spell onto. You will cast for the person, but remember you do not attach the value that the owner of the item attaches to the item.

2. Do I need to acquire rice from shops or is there specialized rice for the spell?

As long as the rice is pure white, and make sure it is measured using a plastic cup. Sometimes magic that involves spirits does not work well with metallic elements as they distort the natural flow.

3. How do I know that the spell has worked?

1. Can I use the rice after the spell?

Contact  Dr. Jawara on +256788964046 or WhatsApp him on +256788964046 Or email to info@spiritualwisper.com

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