Spell For Winning The Lottery Jackpot in 2021

A Spell For Winning The Lottery Jackpot

If you want your car fixed, then look somewhere else, you won’t need a spell for winning the lottery. But if you are searching for luck in life so that you won’t drive a broken car, then you are in the right place.

I am not a mechanic nor am I a plumber!! I am a sorcerer; you can call me a magician or a spell caster.

“Everyone needs luck in life” An ironically funny statement since everybody is born with enough luck to last a lifetime. What you need is some magic to cleanse your aura and open up the force inside and around you.

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Do you know why you are still taking chances at the lottery despite your failure to win the Jackpot? All people want to win the Jackpot, right? After the 100th try, you feel like giving up, all your efforts have proved fruitless.

Don’t despair; your luck has just got a brand new polish! After your interaction with the magic in these pages, go back for that final push.

I am here to assist you with a new way of maneuvering your way to that elusive Jackpot that has given you a lot of sleepless nights, using a few magic tricks that few people have ever heard of. These magics are called lottery spells and money rituals.

Ever heard of white magic and the white magic tools? Know how it works? Ever practiced it? If not, then all the answers to your questions lie on these pages. All my life has been driven by the search and discovery of witchcraft or “craft of the wise”. The desire to use magic to better the lives of other people burns like a fire inside me.

Here, you will come into contact with more than 25 varying spells for money luck that you probably have not found anywhere else.

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This is the art of concentrating on intense imagination, chanted words and deliberately repeated actions, to cause desired effects in one’s own or somebody else’s life.

White magic

A manipulation of natural forces in the universe to cause change intended for a peaceful and happy existence.

Money spells

Magical actions are intended to increase one’s affiliation or connection to money in order to improve his or her life and the life of those around him.

Lottery spells

Powerful Money spells are aimed at increasing one’s luck in games of chance and giving one an upper hand over the other forces involved in the game.

Lottery spells are potent money rituals very easy to apply in order to pull some luck your way, and help you on your journey to becoming a millionaire!

spell for winning the lottery

People have tried everything from religion to Satanism and have failed to make that win of a lifetime just because they overlook the most significant details. They always search far off the mark: they believe that something is going to do for them what they ought to do for themselves.

Roll up your sleeves! I am going to take you step by step in the ritual of spell casting which you will have to perform personally and open up your luck.

Don’t worry if this is your first time experience with magic. These spells are easy to work with though they require some bit of work and commitment. When you grasp the idea, you can cast the spell as many times as you want till you feel that you have made it to perfection.

In white magic practicing rituals and spells is possible since the chances of negative outcomes are very slim. If in doubt, you can always consult an experienced magician or spell caster for guidance.

Contact  Dr. Jawara on +256788964046 or WhatsApp him on +256788964046 Or email to info@spiritualwisper.com

How Lottery Spells Function or Work?

They are white magic thus they are sure to bring you good fortune.

Lottery spells cannot be used against other people’s finances.

They are performed during the day.

They require trust or faith and hope.

Some of them require no sacrifice.

Most of them invest their power in good luck amulets and items that you will carry in your pocket.

In this first article, we shall go through two of the most effective lottery spells that will bring you instant insight into the realm of good fortune.

White magic is meant to bring peace and prosperity to all, therefore, you can share the ritual with friends who do not fear dealing in magic and are also searching for some good luck.


Lottery Spell 1

What You Need For The Spell For Winning  the Lottery 

Acquire the items below as you prepare for the casting of the first spell.

Five white candles

The candles symbolize the five elemental forces; “Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Soul” from which white magic spells draw power.

spell for winning the lottery

You can choose to select the colors that represent each element but white can still bring the same results.

A brass saucer

Brass has two strong metals embedded within, that is; copper and zinc, to augment your luck.

Two bottles of both red and purple wine.

Purple is a royal color, it represents your desire to gain supremacy over all other competitors or forces.

Red symbolizes your life: the mixture represents the need to increase the intensity of your life energies.

Five copper coins

The Steps to Follow When Casting the  spell for winning the  Lottery

Acquire a white table cloth that has never been used before, you may buy a new one from any textile shop near you.

Layout the white cloth on the spot you have chosen for the performance of your ritual.

Put the cloth in such a position that it will not make a motion and entangle with the other items as you arrange them for the spell.

Place the brass saucer in the center of the cloth.

Pour some little red wine in the saucer.

Add some purple wine in the red wine and use a fresh small stick to stir the mixture.

Let the mixture saturate for five minutes.

Arrange the five candles in a circle around the brass plate.

Light the candles one by one. (In case you are using colored candles then you should always start by lighting the candle that represents the minor element)

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Recite the following words as you light the candles:

All forces from within and without; powerful forces that make fate and move man; let my fate gain; I desire nothing but to gain.

Get the copper and drop it one by one in the mixture of wine.

As you place each coin in the wine, apostrophize each coin as thus:

I send you to search for my luck within the universe; come back to me with what the fates deem mine.

When all the coins are in the mixture, face all the four directions where the winds blow, and raise up your hands and chant this magical incantation five times:

Gum,Olok Mega, Bin Nen Latiin Nii:

Don’t worry about the accent or the cadence; just pronounce every syllable as you see it.

After the incantation above, shut your eyes and pick a coin at random, from the wine in the brass saucer.

The picked coin is your good luck charm or amulet and makes sure it is next to you next time you make a dash for the Jackpot.

This is the first spell for luck in the lottery and it is known as The Copper Coin Lottery Spell or The Elemental Luck Lottery Spell.

This spell has been used by different people and they always ask questions on the elemental colors.

For you who are still a novice in magical acts and spell casting, make sure you have fully committed your mind, body, and soul to the performance of magic before you attempt any spell casting.

This ensures that there is no conflict of emotions, desires, and forces within and from without. Emotional turmoil is a great hindrance to the effectiveness of spells and if not engaged properly, can be catastrophic.

Therefore, make sure your whole being is well attuned to the flow of the forces within and around you such that you and the magic become one for the effective working of the spell.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the spell for winning the lottery

How effective is the spell?

How long does it take for the magic to work?

What happens when I use black cloth?

Does the spell work for other forms of gambling?

What do the words in the last incantation mean and do they have any effect on me?

Why are there no gods to call upon when casting this spell?

Read our next article to see the answers to these questions and many more.

Contact  Dr. Jawara on +256788964046 or WhatsApp him on +256788964046 Or email to info@spiritualwisper.com

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