Love Bond Strengthening Spells You Need To Cast

Strengthen Your Love Bond Today!

Ideally, a love bond requires a strengthening love bond spell that can make love last forever.

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These are the words that have echoed love through the times “love is sweet when it’s young, boring when it grows, and when it loses meaning its only patience that sees lovers through”

Those are the words that people have come to believe through these complicated times when passions bloom like mushrooms and are gone by the fading of the day. Love is sweet and will always remain so if you only deem it so.

How then can it be that something yearned for by many and feared by most, is so easy to tame and be at your beck and call whenever desires arise. The answer is simple ‘magic’.

When I say magic I do not understate it as the modern connotation, I speak of magic in its true nature and form.

The real force within that raises your hairs to stand hot at your nape, the spiritual level that performs beyond eye level and defies human understanding of normalcy.

The fact that you’re here proves that this is not the first time you are interacting with magic and its products, therefore I will go straight to how the love spell is performed, and then we shall look at more things that magic can help us in.

Requirements For The  Love bond Spell

Gather these items for the spell to make love stronger

6 red candles

24 straight pins

red-color print paper

Cinnamon incense

Plain white ash

Directions For Preparation:

Strengthen Your Love Bond

You will do  the following ritual six nights in a row. Prepare the spell in the following manner:

It is much better if you start the spell on a Monday since it is the day of light and enthusiastic energy flows.

Take one candle and in it put two straight pins near the top, take two other pins and insert them near the bottom of the same candle. Repeat the procedure for all six candles. On your first day of casting do the following;

Get red parchment paper and write down your lover’s name using white ash as ink. Below the ash name, place one of the red candles with the pins inserted in it as directed above.

Take an incense burner (assuming you have one, if not, then acquire one), and burn some cinnamon (cinnamon is preferred mainly due to its augmenting properties).

Let the aroma from the incense fill your casting area and surround you like a warm blanket.

Light the candle on the red paper and meditate upon your love, where it has come from, where it is now, and where you want it to go and how you want it to go.

Let the candle burn to the last flame and then collect the wax from the candle. Get a piece of your lover’s cloth and tie the solid candle wax inside the cloth. Keep your gift somewhere safe where nobody will notice its presence.

Go on with the same procedure the next day, with the second candle. You can use the same paper but you will have to write your lover’s name with new ash on the paper.

When all the candles have been burned and all the wax collected in different pieces of your lover’s clothes, collect all the products of your spell and make a hole below your doorstep and bury the things there on the seventh day. Burn some incense throughout the day and let the aroma fill the house to the fading of day.

This is the simplest most effective spell you will cast to strengthen a love bond that had met its trying days and was on the verge of deterioration. Its results are not abrupt or a one-day thing, they manifest in many things, like; your lover’s change of attitude towards positivism, increased trust in your decisions from your lover, becoming your lover’s priority, increased care and support from your lover in most of your ventures, increased communication between you and your lover, good and enjoyable romantic moments that favor pleasurable sexual affiliations, among others.

Therefore, this love spell is here to solve most of the love deficits that you have been searching for fulfillment for but in vain. Good luck as you clear your love life.


Strengthen Your Love Bond

Let us take a look at some herbs used in the practice of magic and their infinite applications.

Most of these herbs cut across different traditional magical beliefs and their uses may vary according to each magical belief, but for your benefit, the most effective and commonly used have been compiled here such that in every magical spell you cast, you can make use of them.


A Eurasian plant with flowers that are small and white, with a smooth lovely texture. It comes in a variety and is easy to use

It is magically applied in spell ingredients to create passions and offer protection.

Application: whenever you make a charmed amulet or a love sachet, add some caraway. It will act as a magnet to attract lovers in physical form. It also helps with biological problems of digestion.


Another Eurasian species is usually pink when young which turns to purple-red when mature. It is spice-scented and manifests most often in double colors. Its cultivation is multifarious and its colors may vary depending on the region.

When dry, it is worn in a magician’s belt around the waist. It helps to offer protection during spells that involve burning. As incense, it aids the flow of force and energy during magical rituals.


This is a hairy aromatic two-year herb containing circles of small white purple-spotted flowers in a terminal spike; in earlier times it was applied as home medicine and was a favorite to the felis (due to its scent and hairy caress), hence the name.

In magical centers Catnip is used to attract familiars (mostly of the feline family), it also represents joy, and companionship.

Application: first of all, its incense is used to purify magical tools for magical practice. For more on consecration of magical tools, visit

The leaves and flowers from the Catnip help in the cure of flu and colds. By invoking the nine Catspirits while burning incense of the Catnip, a magician dispels all forms of bad energy and clears a casting circle.

Apply 2 to 3 spoonfuls of Catnip to tea and take both in the morning and in the evening. It helps to reduce high body temperatures, relieve constant pounding headaches and cure post nasal flows.

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A Eurasian species producing leaves with scents resembling the scent of fresh apples in the Mediterranean, the flowers produced by this plant have white lines and are feathery.

Chamomile is used magically for meditation. It is also used for concentration or centering, peace and rest.

Application: sprinkle in your house and in the compound for protection. It is a good herb that can be inhaled or taken in with tea and also smeared on the body or used as an abating agent.

Make a cup of hot tea and in it pour two spoonfuls of Chamomile. Put the tea back on the fire and let it boil for 5 minutes. In this form, it induces sleep and can also be smeared on the body to repel mosquito bites on the legs and arms.

For everlasting home protection, it is better if you plant the Chamomile plant in the middle of your compound to be the home guardian. It is most often followed by success.

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It is a plant species from North America and approximately takes a full year to reach effective maturity. Its flowers are usually yellow but do not take on an orange tint as it matures. The plant thrives well in watery soils and in acidic conditions.

Magically it is applied in the solving of court cases, overturning court rulings and as a stress reliever. Before you go to court make sure to make a hot bath of crushed leaves of Celandine and soak for about ten minutes.

Alternatively, you can burn celandine incense in your home a day before you go to court at night, this helps to wake the four elemental forces to work on your behalf.


The most commonly used ingredient in most love, healing, protection, and powerful spells. Cinnamon is a tropical Asian tree with bark that is yellowish-brown; this bark is the source of cinnamon spice used as an ingredient in most culinary preparations.

Cinnamon has a variety of magical applications and uses, which among others include; Spiritual quests, augmenting power, love, success, psychic work, healing, and cleansing.

In sexuality, it is used to increase the male sexual urge and excites the male body parts with exceeding vigor. It is also applied as incense in wealth spells and prosperity charms.

Its use ranges from the physical application on skin to powder firm in tea or milk. It is advisable to take cinnamon-flavored tea after a hearty meal. It is an excellent aromatic and makes good anointing oil for any magical working.

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