Love binding Spell To Stay Forever With Partner

How you can use love binding spells to stay forever with someone you love

A Love binding spell is very powerful when it comes to bonding with someone you love.

It could be your partner, your friend, your parent, your boss at a place of work, your son/daughter, and any of your family members.

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Love binding spells serve a variety of purposes.

Love is a gift from God to all human beings even animals alike. And it’s the best feeling that can ever happen to a person. However, this feeling is one of the most difficult things to maintain.

Using external forces such as love spells human beings to enjoy their love life to its fullest. Contact me here to cast for you any of the love spells of your choice.

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Being an integral part of our earthly life, there are times when we feel that we are not bonded enough with the ones that love us or rather the ones that we love.

This is why we have to use some external mechanisms such as voodoo love binding spells, Wicca love binding spells, black or white magic to keep our love life like a burning candle all the time.

But before you use voodoo love binding spells to bind yourself with someone, there are things you need to accept or refuse to accept first.

Reasons Why you should or shouldn’t bind yourself with the person that you love

Typically, love between a man and a woman has to be treated with a lot of seriousness and caution. Because, if not treated that way, you may have your heart broken at some point in life.

Love binding Spell

Like it or not, if there’s a healthy natural bond between two lovers, it is always accompanied by care, attention, adoration, support, and love. And this feels like a perfect relationship that does not require any binding spell of any sort. However, if all these are missing, then it means that there’s a lack of emotional attachment between you and your lover.

That is when you need to cast a love-binding spell to stop him or her from cheating on you, belittling you, or threatening to leave you. Here are the questions you will need to ask yourself before casting a love binding spell;

Are you sure that you can cop up with your partner’s destructive behaviors and you have learned to accept them?

Do you mean you can’t do away with this person and leaving him/her makes you physically sick and emotionally incapacitated?

So now, what should be done to protect your lover from leaving you or rather having your heart broken?

Not long ago that I came to understand that the most common problem amongst lovers –is the shyness to open up their feelings and the affection they have for their loved ones. This creates a lot of internal love pain in their hearts instead.


Because they just can’t explain their level of love in words. So, if you cannot share your feelings of love with someone, you need to use a love binding spell so that he or she can have special feelings for you.

These voodoo love binding spells work extremely well and the person you love will always agree with you in whatever you discuss with him/her and will always be cautious of your feelings.

What does the love binding spell do?

A love binding spell will help you to :

To reunite with someone and stay with him or her permanently

To hinder and destroy any spell cast to break your relationship with someone

To block rivals and upsets in your romance

Help to manifest love and commitment from the one you love

Helps to protect your relationship from any external influence.

How does this love binding spell Work?

There could a number of ways, but the most common and effective ways to cast a love binding spell, -is by using hair, photos, or anything that is connected/related with the person you are in love with.

Love binding Spell

Love binding spell using hair is good because it enables you to have control over your lover and it creates a stronger bond, but it takes a bit longer due to the fact you have to wait until you get the hair of the person you want to bind.

On the other hand, the love binding spell using photos is quite simpler because it does not require any special knowledge except the focus, feelings, thoughts and desires of why you’re casting the spell.

How to cast a love-binding spell using photos?

In order to cast this spell, you need the most recent photo, a long red thread, a red cloth, and a coin.

Place the coin on the photo, wrap them in a red cloth and wind the cloth with the red thread. At the time of winding the thread, say these chants; “As I bind this cloth with the thread, so do I bind your heart(say his or name) with mine.

As god’s servants can’t live or be without his shadow, so can’t you live or enjoy life without me”. When that is done, remove your shoes and place the photo under the left heel. Again repeat these chants twelve times. “As your face is under my feet, so are you. With me, you’ll see light, smile, and dance. But without me, you’ll see darkness, misery, and be crying. So never leave me “.

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How to do a love binding spell with hair?

Here, you’ll need an enamel plate, a hot stove and the hair of the person you want to bind. Now place the enamel plate on top of a hot stove. Place the hair on the plate and wait until it starts burning slightly before you start chanting your lover’s name. Do the chanting at least six times before the burning stops. How successful this spell works depends on appropriate you recite the chants and how effectively you perform the activity.

Binding spell to stop someone’s influence

As I said, that binding spells can serve a variety of purposes, you can also use it to bind someone’s influence from you. In other words to keep the bad influencer away from you. The beauty is that it does do any harm to him or her, it only distances them away from you.

How to do a binding spell to stop someone’s influence?

Get a small piece of paper and on it, write the person’s full names with black ink and cross through the names.

Fold the paper two times and tie a string around it .

Hold it up to your forehead and chant these words three times.”I do this charm to bind thee for you to be protected from your harm “

Drop the paper on the floor and step on it with your right-hand shoe nine times. Then, end the spell by saying “ so mote it be” ( meaning so must or may it be )

A protection binding spell

A protection binding spell will help to protect you against another person’s spell over you.

While performing a protection binding spell, you’ll need a red candle and a rope.

Light up the candle.

Put your mind at peace ( in other words, clear your mind first). And then focus on what you want the spell to do for you.

Say these chants .” I bind you ( his or her name ) , your intentions, your voice, chants, and all the activities you’re doing against me. I command them not to affect me “

Pick up a piece of rope and tie a knot on it. While tying the knot, say this chant “ I bind you ( name) as I tie this knot never will ever your spells affect me “

Tie another knot on the rope and again say “ I stop all your works and bad intentions against me. All your spells are gone and works destroyed “ .

Blow out the candle and start visualizing like all are gone with the smoke.

Remember that every binding spell is different. It depends on what you want to bind –that makes the chants different. But is always important, to begin with lighting a candle and blowing out and sometimes a rope to hold what you’re binding.

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