How To Mend a Broken Relationship

Need To Mend a Broken Relationship?

This is not the spell for bringing your ex-lover back; this is a strong love spell you will need to cast to keep your lover from going in the first place.

A relationship on the rocks is very hard to predict the outcome. Sometimes the people in this kind of relationship may act normal and pretend as if all things are working out; and at other times, the dark clouds show and you feel the hidden sparks, the outbursts of thunder in the relationship.

When there is no longer any hope for the people who were in love, then we see the breaking point. This is when people start to do some serious staking, betting high on the chances of a downward spiral and final crush of the relationship.

When you are one of the parties involved in the relationship, you feel the heat and pressure from within. It is probable that you may have promised ‘heaven to descend’ before you let go but the final hour is definitely upon you, and however much the sky is clear and no clouds are falling, your love life is dark tinted and for sure your spirit is crushing.

At this breaking point, you need a friend but your lover is not there to save the day. You are all alone with a mountain of regrets and wishes.

DO NOT DESPAIR! This is the time to look around you and realize the ingredients that have been missing in the flavor of your love recipe.

Strong Love Spell

You have been a custodian of the potential to love to the fullest and to be loved like-wise, but due to hesitation and fear, your faith in the universe and your power to solve your problems have dwindled to a trickle.

I bring you a strong love spell to solve your love and relationship difficulties. Do you need a lover, do you yearn for love, do you crave attraction, are you experiencing difficulties in your sexual life, do you want to break your current relationship and start a new one, all these desires and wishes find fulfillment here.

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No love issue is too big, all it takes is your trust and a strong enough will, and a really…..really firm hold on your fears, and then we are good to go!

The Free Spell to Perform In Case You Want To Mend a Broken Relationship. (Totally Free)

Before you let go of any relationship, you need to ask yourself one question that summarizes everything; “What Do I Lose or Gain?”

The answers to this question are always two-way; “I lose this……” and “I gain this…………….”.

Now when you have answered the question, carefully study which side outweighs the other. If what you lose outshines what you gain, then first hold on for a while (this is majorly why I came); but if the gains you get outshine the losses, then call me and I help you leave! (You do not need magic for this, but if the leaving is hampered in some way, still we can break the obstacles)

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Reasons Why You May Want to Save Your Relationship

Strong Love Spell

Fear to start a new bond

Fear to doubt your trust

Fear to question your power of choice

Belief in second chance

Fear to break your promises

Fear to question your modesty

Fear of the eyes of the world and its judging nature.

Fear of what religion says

These are some common misgivings that people have apart from the other selfish reasons like money, gifts, promises to gain, good sex, among others.

Magic in its art goes deep into the practitioner’s heart and seeks for the truest feelings therein. In a love spell to save a relationship, the magic will look for evidence of whether the relationship is built on trust, honesty, and true love before it attempts to restore the bond.

This strong love spell will not work if the practitioner is an adulterer or cheater. This magic works on the concept that there is so much at stake to lose on both sides; if you want to keep the relationship for selfish reasons, then the ball is in your court; take the shot and wait for results.

Let’s go through the procedures for the spell to mend your relationship and put it back on the right footing before the situation becomes complicated and requires stronger magic and a stronger spell.

Guarantees for this strong Love Spell to Save a Relationship?

When you are sure that your lover has given up on you but he or she is still within calling distance, perform this spell. It will do the following;

Make your lover miss you even before he or she forms a new bond.

Put nostalgic feelings about your relationship in your lover’s mind and body.

Take him or her back to that point of first sight and overwhelming love.

Clean your aura and strengthen your romantic appeal.

Turn you into an object of desire and passion in the eyes of your going lover.

Create mental images of your innocent true loving self in your lover’s mind.

Bring back the fading fires of love into your life and relationship.

Blind your lover to all other passions apart from yours.

Give you the chance to review your relationship, all the turning points, all the strengths, and all the weaknesses, without fear and with a lot of affection for one another.

Finally, the spell will build and increase your trust in magic and will open your eyes to powers that have always been there ready to assist you.

Before you start the love spell, you may be wondering whether there is a negative force causing magical imbalances in your personality, thus diverting your lover’s attention.

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The Requirements for “The strong  Love Spell to Mend Relationships”

When you are ready for the performance of the ritual and the casting of the spell, go out and obtain the following items to assist you in the procedures.

As we have seen in most Wicca spells, nature is at the forefront of all effective magic. And we are now familiar with most of the items or tools involved in a Wicca spell (link to Magical Tools in Wicca)

Strong Love Spell

Apart from a few new items that you will need to consecrate (see Consecrating Tools Used in Practice) before using, all the tools required in this spell are pure Wicca and are always part of the Wicca altar, and they are listed below;

A chalice

A picture of your lover

Athame knife

Five colored candles

A white cloth, four meters in width and four meters in length.

The boline

Incense burner

The scourge

Dry jasmine leaves

Your prayer book (any book where you write your recitations and other magical incantations).

The Procedure of Casting the Spell

Write down this prayer in your prayer book

Beyond Medicine, Above Wealth,

I Crave Your Healing and Undying Presence;

In This Sacred Place, I Send a Slow Prayer,

To Find Passions Unraveled, And The Dim Ones To Brighten.

Being In the Present Moment, In This Circle of Passions That Hurt,

To Touch Again, To Feel Again;

To Hear And Listen, To Look And See.

Waves That Roll But Don’t Crush;

Winds That Rage But Don’t Break;

Flames That Blaze But Don’t Scald;

My Mother’s Hand That Leads and Guides;

My Lessons I Have Learnt, My Heart I Have Renewed.

Bring Me Back That Which Is Mine and To Hold Firmly Be My Haste,

In Dark, In Light, Until the End of Time.

Tie the scourge around your waist (symbol of penance/ punishing yourself for the negligence of your love life).

Cast the Wicca circle

Strong Love Spell

Draw the pentacle; you can use rice or any other Wicca powder.

Place the candles in the pentacle, placing each candle in a separate triangle.

Anoint the candles with jasmine oil.

Place your lover’s photo in the middle of the pentacle.

Crush the dry Jasmine leaves and put them in the Censer or incense burner

Place some hot coals in the Censer and let it burn.

Place the Censer at the head of your altar.

Fill your chalice with fresh water from a stream.

Use the boline to cut off a strand of your hair and place it next to the photo of your lover.

After the procedures above sit in the circle and hold the athame in both your hands.

Touch each candle with the athame and call upon the Wicca deities to bless your ritual.

Place the ritual knife on your head, your left cheek and finally on your heart.

In this relaxed position, conjure up the image of your lover to your mind and release the “BRETH” or the “Breath Releasing Energy for Transformation and Happiness”

Get your prayer book and recite the prayer above, with the athame placed on your heart.

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