Honey Jar Love Spell To Attract love

Honey Jar Love Spell For Attraction in Love

The honey jar love spell is a form of love magic that inhibits the essence of attraction in its whole form.

It is easy, clean, and also one of the simplest to follow. and cast. You can also contact Dr.Jawra  here  for an expert advice

What To Do When Casting A honey Jar Love Spell? 

Get a piece of plain white paper and on it write the name of your love or crush.

Place the paper in a honey jar and make sure that no part of the name is left outside the honey.

You can leave the setup to stand until the spell manifests results.

The spell is intended to create a sweet and attractive disposition in the other person towards you. The magic can only take a span of 7 market days or a fortnight to come into full effect.

Finding a Lover in Your Dreams  in a honey jar love spell

This spell is a bit extensive as it deals with a major aspect in ritual practice and that is Dream Rituals.

Dreams involve a lot of other sub-sections and love is one of the many. Dreams can be used in divination, healing, scrying, and in many other magical rituals.

For the purpose of the honey jar love spell, we shall concentrate a bit on the love section of dreaming.

This is a guide to the reasons as to why we dream about love, how to make the love dreams that we want to manifest and how to recall and manifest our dreams in real life.

The process of dreaming is simply more extended and more deeply concentrated meditation.

The difference between yoga or any other form of meditation and dreaming is that the former you perform when fresh and alert while the latter you perform when you are tired and need to take a rest.

Dreams are our manifested sub-consciousness. People always take dreams for granted but there is a lot of information hidden in a dream.

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Power Of Recalling Dreams

Honey Jar Love Spell

It is rare to find people who recall every single detail of their dream. This is simply due to two reasons;

The first one is that some people have bad dreams or nightmares and burst out of these dreams with enough fright and screams to raise the dead.

These dreams are so terrible that the mind unconsciously shuts out the information because of the pain that comes with recall. Thus, the person ends up forgetting the whole dream ordeal entirely.

The second reason is that some people have either moderately good or extremely good dreams (about love, sex, fun and money) that they end up over imagining. In retelling the dream, they want to recreate the vision perfectly for others or the listeners that they end up exaggerating or understating the actual events due to over esteem and doubt respectively

Thus, these people end up recalling their dreams in a confused manner, which limits the effectiveness of the dreams. If it is a perfect recall then it provides better guidance as each event is compared to real-life both contextually and symbolically.

This will assist the spell caster to gain knowledge of the power flow between conscious actions and in what is magically known as the Dynamic Trance States, in an individual’s life.

If you take time and recall all the things that happen in your head while sleeping, you will notice that most of them represent your fears, emotions and feelings, joys, passions, desires, among others.

Dreams are guides in the subconscious, they sometimes inform us on the path we should take, the people we should relate with, and also the people we should avoid.

When you get time consider sitting down and taking a closer meditative insight into the dreams that have been occurring in your sleep lately.

If you notice some persistent elements or some form of a continuous pattern, then try to make meaning of them.

Using Dream Cue Cards, Dr. Jawara helps you take a step-by-step journey through your dream world and assist you in recalling and analyzing the information behind every dream that haunts you or pleases you.

He also helps you to get rid of bad dreams which occur in form of nightmares and also clears your concentration and aura to allow in more favorable and good dreams.

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Why Do You Dream Of Love?

Honey Jar Love Spell

A lot of different people confuse wet dreams with love dreams.

In most cases, people dream of love if they are lacking it but have had prior experience with it. Though it is the same feeling that motivates love and also inspires wet dreaming, it is rare to find a person experiencing true love in a wet dream.

A wet dream occurs at body level while true love dreams occur at a soul level. Therefore, do not go into dream love spells because you want to get in touch with the person you fantasized in a wet dream.

Below are some reasons why people dream of love;

They long for a true love relationship.

They crave companionship.

Those whose partners have passed on to walk in the spiritual realm.

They are not content with their current love relationships.

An overactive imagination.

They see and admire people in love.

Nostalgia arising from broken relationships.

Over concentration on our objects of desire during nighttime

Indulgence in love daydreams.

The above are some reasons why different people sleep and wake up with tears on their pillows and a longing heartache in their hearts, or with feelings of bliss and happiness.

Love is a two-edged sword, it can make you cry as much as it makes you glad. Therefore, beware of the dreams you want to muddle or swim through during your sleep by clearing your real love life. You can control what you dream and that is shown below;

How to Manifest Desired Love Dreams with a honey jar love spell

Avoid quarrels with the people you are in a relationship with.

Attain a positive attitude towards life and living.

Avoid frustrations during the day.

Concentrate on happiness and bliss before you go off to sleep.

Honey Jar Love Spell

Avoid confrontations and negativity during nighttime.

Take some water before you go to bed. Apart from being recommended by healers as a vital body mineral, water as an element contains enough energy to moderate concentration and to cool the body such that you manifest patterned and blissful love dreams on the level of body and mind during sleep.

Avoid dwelling on your broken and failed relationships.

In case, there is a person you want to attract in love, then conjure up and keep their image in your mind during the day.

Keep your environment clean and ensure that you sleep in white night gowns.

Where possible, keep some candles burning throughout the night such that the fire element helps to ward off spiritual nightcrawlers who may intend to invade your dream realm.

Sleep with any item of the person you love on your chakra, this will make it easy for the spiritual being of the person to be with you throughout the dream.

A personal love mantra can be chanted as a goodnight prayer. Make sure it is embedded with enough love import such that your love journey in the dream world is not impeded by other life trifles.

Lastly, you can Contact  Dr. Jawara on +256788964046 or WhatsApp him on +256788964046 Or email info@spiritualwisper.com on those special nights that you want love dreams to manifest such that he prays for you and takes you through some other simple rituals not mentioned here.

The best thing about dream love spells is that you are always in control. As long as you keep on the right side of things, you can even awaken in the middle of a good dream and still happily return to your dream and pick up the dream thread where you left off.

Do not hesitate to take this chance. Many people have been able to foresee the initial stages of their love life even before engaging in the actual thing.

Another added advantage is that you can even dream about the obstacles that impede your way to enjoying a happy love life. Not all people want to see you receiving good things in life, therefore roll up those sleeves and get to work on your karma before it is distorted totally out of recognition.

For questions and instant answers, you can always Contact  Dr. Jawara on +256788964046 or WhatsApp him on +256788964046 Or email to info@spiritualwisper.com or call directly to talk with our expert spell casters to help you unravel those disturbing dreams.


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