How To Awaken Your Love With An Egyptian Spell

Egyptian Spells to Awaken Love

An Egyptian spell to awaken your love is for anyone interested in love directed by Egyptian magic.

The Egyptians that gave us most of the civilization we have known as well as me and you do,  have also magically proved that love is the core driving force of life.

Therefore, in these pages, I have tried to touch the different aspects of these passions and affections as much as I can.

Included are some rituals and spells to perform in case of the loss of a person you love. Or else, click here to talk to me directly, and am ready to help you

My aim is to make the spells to awaken your love and rituals herein as simple as possible in order to give you enough familiarity and an easy grasp of the ideas behind the magic.

Even if you are a novice in witchcraft, no need to worry, as you read and practice, the feeling will grow and I assure you, you will fall in love with the spells even before you fall in love with the people they intend to connect you with.

We shall share knowledge on how to connect and link with Egyptian gods and goddesses and how to re-create the Egyptian love spells to meet our passionate and erotic needs.

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The Egyptian Understanding Of Love spells to awaken your love 

Egyptian magic is a blend of the experiences that the Egyptian gods passed through. The understanding of ‘love for the ancient Egyptians was that love was eternal. It was a union that moved across ages and transcended time and death.

 Awaken Your Love

In modern times, the meaning of love has been terribly altered. People confuse sex with love and it even surprises me that they still think they experience any love at all.

In Egyptian love spells to awaken your love,  love was not interrupted or removed by the death of a lover. Your lover always awaited you in the afterlife and you could always join after your death and the union would again be blessed by the gods. This explains why there were a variety of spells recited while burying someone in Egyptian tradition.

The Egyptian spells would help to protect the body and soul; cleaning the body before burial, cleansing the soul before it went into the presence of the gods, allowing it safe passage into the underworld, and so much more.

All this was done in a bid to prepare the body to survive peacefully in the other life such that your soul-mate finds you in perfect condition.

The love concept is construed in the mythical love tale of the Egyptian gods Osiris and Set;

“Osiris was king of the earth and this brewed a lot of jealousy in the heart of his god-brother Set.

Set murdered Osiris and enclosed his brother’s body in a strong casket and threw the casket into the River Nile. Now Osiris had a wife by the name of Isis, the mistress, and goddess of magic.

Isis hunted the whole realm of Egypt for the body of her husband and eventually found it under the embedding of a monolithic tree. She brought the body back to the Beloved land of the Upper Nile.

The enraged Set got wind of the deeds and actions of Isis. He hunted her down and retrieved the body and dismembered it, scattering individual parts throughout the land of Egypt.

Isis engaged the efforts of her sister, Nephthys, and they set off to find all the body pieces for a rejoining that would restore Osiris to life in the Land of the dead. Their search was deemed a success but the only limitation was their fruitless search for Osiris’s phallus or penis.

Isis summoned magic and out of the earth, forged a new phallus for Osiris and when she restored breathing air into her lover and husband, they conceived a son, Horus.

At a young age, Horus engaged Set, his Uncle, in a battle for the throne and in the attempt to avenge the death of his father.

Set was defeated and banished to the deserts where he became the god of evil and chaos, Horus was declared King of the Living and Osiris became Great Ruler of the Underworld”

This story is the perfect example of love that goes beyond the natural boundaries and extends beyond the cold hand of death.

It also has moral lessons of how integrity surmounts evil; that which is good and true will always win. That is the beauty of Egyptian mythology and magic.

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Egyptian Deities

Here is a perfect time and chance to open up your whole being, heart, body, and mind to the Egyptian deities. Let them guide you and open your eyes to claiming eternal love for your life.

Egyptian deities are easy to connect with. You can connect to them whenever you need to, in your own home, at the beach as the sun is going down and the world takes on a lovely red hue, as you drive with the sound of the rain on the glass panes, even at your workplace during recess.

Do meditate with the deities on an individual basis and get to know what they require of you in their service.

Do probably not hear voices or get visions, but the deities will ‘spiritually’ speak to you in a way that you only can feel – by bestowing upon you, feelings of love, hope, peace, solace, and serenity.

Linking with a deity may put you through a variety of emotions but in the end, it will be worth your while as you realize how much different and better you feel after the encounter.

For example, in writing these rituals and spells, I always first meditate and call upon the literary god Thoth for inspiration, insight, guidance, and support.

He always abides by me and takes me on a spiritual journey back to the times of peace, enlightenment, and magical prosperity in Egypt. He encourages me and keeps my hands going even when on difficult days.

I ask you to let the deities touch your soul and let them flavor every aspect of your life and allow your life to be enriched by your devotion to them.

If you need assistance in engaging in meditative prayer and in any ritual, I am here for you always

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Egyptian Love Spell to Awaken Your Love in 2021.

Awaken Your Love

Egyptian magic is more verbal than actions, this means you will need to do more meditation and cognition on what you want to say and put your will and truest feelings and emotions in your every word. This is because most of the power of the spell is centered on your words.

The gods love it when their presence is recognized every passing day and they are accorded the respect they deserve. In this turn, they will also work at your behest. Take some little time to be grateful to them for your life and the good things they do for you.

The incantation below will greatly help with thanks-saying. You can light a few candles if you feel like it;

Light a gold candle for a god and a silver candle for a goddess.

Anoint the candles with any oil you feel comfortable with, I prefer to use jasmine oil.

You can burn some incense that fits your moods.

Recite the incantation below;

O Powerful Amun

Thank You for yet another lovely and beautiful day

My Great Lord and My Great Lady

Osiris and Isis

I am grateful for the life You have given me

And all Your gifts that I so abundantly enjoy.

And to all other deities

I say Thank You

For everything You have given me, I will always adore and be grateful to You.

After thanking the gods and goddesses, you can then continue to ask for whatever you want them to do for you and what has made you seek their presence.

In this case it is an issue of awakening love or calling love into your life. You can follow these simple steps in the performance of this spell;

Light a red candle

Anoint it with cinnamon or jasmine oil

Meditate on the object (person) that you passions crave for.

Recite the following verse;

May (put the name of the person) crave and pant like a dog on heat in his desire for me

May he not see happiness, no solitude, no sleep, no longings,

Only passions, hunger and lust for me

Let my love haunt his dreams and waking moments

Let my voice resound in his ears and my eyes be the sole thing he sees.

Deny the soul of (name of person) rest until he comes to me.

Go through this recitation a number of times and you will get caught up in the passions and desires that were felt by the ancient Egyptians.

The incantation gives you a feeling of a sense of control and the need for urgency. It holds all the pleasures of love; passion for love, life, sexual pleasure and passion for expression.

Note that Egyptian magic puts much emphasis on the use of names. Your knowledge of a person’s real name can give you immense control over that person.

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